Congratulation of Chairman of the Committee for Environmental Protection under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan Sheralizoda Bahodur Ahmadjon on the occasion of the World Environment Day, June 5

News (News archive) | 05 июн. 2020

Dear colleagues, 

On June 5, environmental workers, environmentalists and nature lovers celebrate World Environment Day, which this year marks its 48th anniversary.

This global initiative starts with the "Menton Message” to the UN Secretary General. The Message was signed on 11 May 1971 by 2,200 scientists and cultural figures from 23 countries. In the address, scientists raised the alarm that environmental pollution will bring irreparable consequences to mankind. A year later (1972) the World Conference on Environmental Protection was held in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, with the participation of representatives from 113 countries. The participants of the conference decided to celebrate the World Environment Day on June 5 every year. Starting from this year, at the initiative of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in all countries of the world to promote environmental improvement, June 5 is celebrated annually as World Environment Day.

Today, environmental protection in the world has become a global problem. Climate warming, glacier melt, tsunamis, lack of drinking water, air pollution, industrial and domestic waste, especially dishes and other plastic materials, the spread of infectious diseases and other natural disasters are a major concern for the nations of the world.

Therefore, the current environmental situation in today's world requires the adoption of measures and the finding of solutions to existing problems; there should be no inactive observers on this issue; on the contrary, everyone should contribute to solving existing problems. Today's nature is in such a state that if we do not take collective and concrete measures to protect it, if we do not care about the recovery of nature, the unpredictable consequences of this will bring harm not only to the economy, social protection and political life of our country, but also to all countries of the world.

Nature is considered to be the mother of mankind and therefore the issues of environmental protection, land protection, water, air, biological diversity and other environmental issues are, after all, the main elements of protection of the Homeland and are now becoming particularly important.

The Committee's employees are aware that it is easier and more profitable to prevent violations of environmental protection legislation than to eliminate negative consequences and unwanted treatment of nature. Therefore, we must always strive to ensure that our citizens take an active part in decision-making, have good environmental knowledge, a conscious attitude to environmental protection, and other civic positions necessary for the further development of society.

Committee for Environmental Protection under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan, as a control state body for protection and rational use of natural resources, in particular water and atmospheric air, flora and fauna, waste disposal and neutralization, ensuring environmental safety of population, raising the level of environmental culture of citizens, especially teenagers and youth, together with ministries and agencies, local executive bodies of state power, departments and sectors of environmental protection, cities and districts of the country  is  doing significant work.

Implementation of the state control of environmental protection, prevention of violations of legislation in the use of natural resources, organization of production activities of enterprises in accordance with the approved environmental standards, ensuring the proper sanitary and ecological condition of cities and villages of the country, landscaping, tree planting, explanatory and agitational work of the need for environmental protection are the main directions of the industry, for the development of which the Committee adopts specific measures.

The Committee annually holds conferences, meetings, inspections of environmental activities of economic entities, organizations and institutions, other control and explanatory measures, implementation of planned environmental activities carries out the state policy of environmental protection.

One of the important branch events is holding of ecological contests among pupils of secondary educational schools, students and correspondents, which cover thousands of teenagers and youth, mass media workers. The winners of these competitions are awarded certificates of merit, diplomas of the Committee and monetary rewards.

This year, due to the spread of infectious coronavirus disease COVID-19, the event is being held electronically online, which will cover hundreds of Internet users.

Other important activities of the Committee are development and dissemination of cooperation with international regional organizations to address existing environmental problems, attracting grant funds, implementation of investment projects aimed at environmental protection, improving human life, protection of glaciers from climate warming, meeting the requirements of the UN Environmental Conventions, in the development of which a large amount of work is carried out annually.

I express confidence that every citizen of Tajikistan, protecting the nature of our beloved Motherland as the apple of the eye, with their active civil position will make their worthy contribution to the improvement of the environment.

On the occasion of World Environment Day, I congratulate all workers in the field of environmental protection, nature lovers and users with this remarkable event, I wish you all a decent peaceful life, labor success for the benefit of further development and prosperity of our beloved Motherland.

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